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QAnon Congresswoman announces Articles of Impeachment against President Biden


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Donald Trump has finally been swept from the White House but he leaves much of the Republican Party transformed in his image: rotten, corrupt, and mentally unstable.

Thanks to our former game show president, white nationalists and literal lunatics have burrowed so deeply into the core of the GOP that a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory is now a Congresswoman.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has in the past voiced her belief in QAnon—a debunked and insane theory that a cabal of Democrats and Hollywood elites regularly engage in Satanic pedophilia and cannibalism and that Donald Trump was sent to expose and destroy them—and she is quickly becoming one of the primary mascots of the post-Trump Republican Party.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (née Taylor; born May 27, 1974) is an American politician, businesswoman, and conspiracy theorist[a] serving as a U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district.[1] Greene was elected to Congress in the November 2020 elections, and took office on January 3, 2021. – Wikipedia

Greene has also stated that the Sandy Hook school shooting—a tragedy in which 26 people, most of them children, were killed by a gun-toting murderer—was a staged event, a popular conspiracy theory in some particularly dark, ignorant corners of the internet.

She believes that Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi routinely orchestrate these school shootings as part of a larger overarching plan to curtail 2nd Amendment rights.

Lest one make the mistake of thinking these are the only conspiracies Green ascribes to, she has also said that 9/11 was an inside job. She is, in short, the perfect face for a party that has abandoned all tethers to reality.

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Now, Greene is looking to grab headlines (and perhaps pave the way for a stab at higher office) by calling for the impeachment of President Joe Biden the day after his inauguration.

She promised to do so before he was sworn in and today she released a video on Twitter announcing that she has officially filed Articles of Impeachment over supposed abuses of power during his time as vice president.

The ridiculous impeachment will of course proceed no further through the Democratically-controlled House and all that Green will succeed at is making herself into an even bigger laughingstock.

Her clownish announcement video ends with her saying: “We’ll see how this goes…” The answer is that it will go badly Marjorie. Very, very badly.

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